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In Memory of Jake

Kindred Spirit Shilohs has obtained it's name from our hearts. We truly feel our Basset Hounds spirit, Jake, has come back to us in our Shiloh Kodiak. All pets do "quirky" things, but Jake was truly one of a kind and will always have a special place in our hearts. His personality and sense of humor (yes dogs do have them) have returned to us through Kodiak. .I brought Jake home when he was about 10 weeks old. I was in a pet shop buying some crickets for my sons Iguana when I saw his sad beautiful face in a cage. What kind of life was this puppy going to have if he weren't rescued from this sad way of life. Besides, it was love at first sight.

Jake was my buddy. We went everywhere together, from camping, fishing & crabbing, hiking, to Canine Companion events and also joined me at work quite frequently on weekends. He was patient with my sons, even when Timmy decided to use him as the "motor" while wearing his roller blades. Jake just chugged along pulling Timmy all over the neighborhood. What fun they had!

Jake endured many things in his life, including the dreaded doggy-costume parades. They include being a NYPD cop, equipped with play cap gun, holster & badge, on to being a drag queen bride. He had the perfect face for it all and everyone he met just loved him.

One of the funniest things Jake ever did was truly unintentional but we still laugh about it. I had always joked around with him telling him to "pee on Daddy" when he was teasing him with a treat or toy. It was always in fun and Jake of course never did it, but we had fun with it. "Come on Jake....just once, pee on him"!!!

When we brought him home from the hospital after his back surgery, he had to wear a sling under his abdomen because he was still paralyzed in his back end. We were walking to the truck, and while digging for his car keys, John suddenly felt something wet on his leg. When he looked down, there was Jake's happy face just looking around.....happy to be going home and peeing all of his Daddy! Being paralyzed, he had no bladder control and wearing the sling had pushed his "winkie" to the side. Oh how we laughed. That even in such a difficult situation, Jake brought tears of laughter to our faces. J

akes last few years weren't easy on him. He suffered pneumonia, lyme disease, 2 ruptured discs that compressed his spinal chord so severely he was instantly paralyzed in his back end. We couldn't stand loosing Jake yet, and he underwent surgery. Several weeks later, he started showing signs of regaining some mobility in his rear legs.

This was fantastic, but seeing that waggly tail moving again when he saw us enter the room was amazing. We sadly lost Jake 1 1/2yrs later, shortly before his 11th birthday to Lymphoma. Jake was an unconditional loving member of our family and is deeply missed.


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