The dog of your dreams

kindred spirit's kodiak
KindredSpirit Bailey v Bearpaw, CGC, TDI, CGN
aka Bailey
2/22/06 ~ 6/8/2019
gray sable smooth
sire: Zion's Knight-Rider Kit
dam: Zion's Golden Promise Of Venus

Forever In Our Hearts

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kindred spirit baileyBailey is a spayed Shiloh Shepherd female we adopted through the ISSDC's rescue/rehome program when she was 18 months old. I read about her sad story on their message board and we immediately knew we wanted to help this dog. Kodiak needed a companion and she was the perfect age and size. She was returned to her breeder by her owners because they had 2 other smaller dogs and were afraid of her hurting them. If you knew Bailey like we have come to know her, she was certainly not dealt a fair chance in life. That is until she came to join our family! She just melts the hearts of everyone she meets. She wants nothing more than to please us and she brings so much love with her great size.

kindred spirit baileyWhen we come home, even if we were only gone for 10 minutes, she meets us at the door with great enthusiasm. It is such a joy coming home to their beautiful faces. Bailey jumps and prances like a little puppy, then immediately will run back in the other room grab a toy, dish towel, stray sock, or anything she can find just to bring us a present. We whole heartedly feel that Bailey was thrown away by her previous owners because the "novelty" of a puppy wore off.

Bailey and Kodiak have become inseparable and we are so proud to be owned by both of them. Pet's are not disposable. They are living breathing things with real feelings and emotions. Please love and care for them for their entire life!

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